Weeks 13-14 (S2)

The semester is coming to an end soon, and the energy around campus reflects this; everything is hectic but sometimes exciting. It’s a great time aside from any stress it may create. Shared goals bring people together and the beautiful weather promises us with a reason to finish strong. While most people at RIT focus on finals and class projects, Neurotechnology Exploration has been narrowing in on their Imagine RIT exhibits.

Imagine RIT is a day of fun, and that’s exactly why we’ve been working hard for it. Anticipating the positive feelings we see on others when we showcase a variety of projects is what drives us to have complete, presentable products.

At Imagine, we’ll be in three locations:

  • Clark Gym

  • Simone Center This is where the Game Development and Game Design teams will be displaying their projects.

  • Our lab space in Institute Hall. This is on the fourth floor, next to the 3D printing lab, room number 4170. It will contain whatever project we don't show at our other locations.

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Here’s what we’ll be showing:

Prosthetics team will have a fully working EMG-controlled single-channel prosthetic exhibiting in our lab space. Right now they are in the process of tightening the lines of the arm and hooking it up to the control system.

Here's a picture of the EMG demo board

Fabrics team will be presenting a demonstration of EMG demo boards. These just need to be placed on the arm, and will light up when muscles are flexed. They will also be showing a working fabric electrode sleeve prototype, which should catch eyes as it lights up Neopixels. Both exhibits will be in the lab space.

As for the Game team and Controller team, the game prototype Think Fast and EMG Racing Demo will be exhibited at Imagine. The game runs on Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC. These will be at the Simone Center and our lab space. Check out the EMG Racing Demo video here, and Think Fast to the right.

As if that wasn’t enough, they will be offering interactive demonstrations with the original Mario game.

Our Keyboard team will be showing 4 directional movement of a selector for the thought keyboard prototype 1. This is building off the data collection that Forrest has been running all week. Right now, the team is working on algorithm implementation and integration with keyboard.

Come check it out at our lab space when it's ready at Imagine.

Hardware team, which recently enveloped Robotics team, has fallen prey to our curse of poor shipping speeds. For Imagine, we were trying to present some robots, but we still haven’t received the necessary kits. This was a joint collaboration with the Fabrics Team. If the kits haven’t arrived by Wednesday, there won’t be anything workable for Imagine. This is heartbreaking to the team as all EEG and EMG components are ready to go, and the opportunity to share the work is what we love.

Other projects will be shown as well, such as:

EMG-controlled cars

Our "ASL Tiger"

EMG/webcam motion mouse controller.

That’s it for Imagine, but we’ve had more going on these past two weeks.

Most notably, Forrest Schuster continued his weekly live lecture series. These are a growing success; the videos were posted on Reddit and NeurotechX, where one became a trending video and caused several people to reach out to us. This video was about Data Collection, Preprocessing, and Feature Extraction techniques. Watch the embedded video to the left, and tune in on Sundays at noon if you want to catch him live. Subscribing to our Youtube channel and subscribing to notifications will let you know when we go live or post a new video.

We’d also like to mention that Abu Ghaznavi has joined Machine Learning team.

Thanks for staying up to date on NXT. We hope to catch you at Imagine on Saturday, April 27th!

Written By: Joshua Maroney