Fabric Electrodes

Project Overview

The main goal of this team is to achieve a fully functional, cost effective, and reusable alternative to single use gel electrodes for human biosensing. To achieve this goal, this small but multidisciplinary team is working to design novel prototypes using advanced techniques for biosignal measurement. The team works to build intelligent hardware and software to implement new ideas in an attempt to push the boundaries of low cost and reliable bio-interfaces.

This team of researchers that will work under the research wing. Due to the wide number of applications for this work, the resulting technology will later be applied to many of the other projects.


Project Lead

Reid Kovacs

Reid is a fourth year Electrical Engineering student specializing in signal processing. Reid has professional experience with audio and biotechnology technologies.


Andrew Chabot

Andrew Chabot is a Fourth Year Computer Science Major.

Owen Brewer

Owen is a third year Electrical Engineering student specializing in sustainable technology and biotechnology.


Magree Wang