Assistive Tech

Collection of videos and tutorials relating to assistive technology projects

1-Channel Robotic Arm Control (#1)

This was the first test of a prosthetic controlled by EMG for the NTX group. The hand is already opening and closing accurately. This is the foundation for two projects, the Arms Under $100 Project, where we will build a single channel arm with all finger open and close function, and Advanced Control Arm which will have individual finger control and touch feedback.


Robotic arm, MyoWare, Arduino Uno, electrodes

By: Colin Fausnaught, Technical Project Lead10/9/2018

Muscle Controlled Morse Code (#1)

This system monitors the activation of a single muscle group to type letters on a screen. Quick muscle pulses produce a 'dot' and longer ones produce a 'dash.' Once the letter sequence is completed, the user pauses and the letter is printed to the screen. This could be attached to virtually any muscle making it adaptable to anyone!


MyoWare, Arduino Uno

By: Spencer Logan, Researcher10/12/2018