Prosthetics Under $100 - Partnering with the RIT PORTAL Prosthetics lab, we will produce a single channel, EMG (muscle) controlled hand with open and close functionality for under $100. We want to make prosthetics more cost-accessible, including availability for children who are often precluded from their use due to high repeat costs.

Prosthetics Advanced - We will design and build our own prosthetics with multi-finger actuation and haptic feedback based off of an EMG-grid made out of comfortable fabric electrodes. Our target is about $250-300, a game-changing lower cost than the current industry standard of $80,000.

Co-Lead: George Stollsteimer

4th year student in the School of Individualized Study with concentrations in Mechanical, Electrical, and Biomedical Engineering as well as Computer Science.

George also enjoys performing with his a capella group, the Brick City Singers, as well as RIT's student-run theater group, the RIT Players.

Co-Lead: Brian Siskind

3rd year, Independent study (Concentrations in: Mechanical, Electrical, & Biomedical Engineering's)

When not in the lab, They are found working on passion projects, tinkering with various things, or cooking.


Derrick Kempster

Katie Mayer

Holly Gubanc

Holly Gubanc is a 5th year Mechanical Engineering student pursuing her bachelors and masters degrees at RIT with a minor in Entrepreneurship. She is involved in the prosthetics team as a developer on the palm/thumb sub-team. In her own time she also enjoys 3D printing, swing dancing, and making puns.

Jude Seunarine

Jude Seunarine is a second year Mechanical Engineering Technology major at RIT. He is a component developer for the fingers sub-team pf NXT's prosthetics team. Outside of his academic pursuits his interests include 3D printing, traveling, and playing the piano.

Daniel Sconfeld