EMG Exploration

Introduction to EMG Sensing with MyoWares & experimental projects

Jerry Xu's First Project at NXT

New recruit, software and machine learning specialist, Jerry Xu shows off his first project in the group. EMG-controlled Flappy Bird.


Myoware, Adafruit Feather

By: Jerry Xu

Test 1 of Single-Person Controlled RC Car Using MyoWares

Niko is a differential signal between each MyoWare (two on each arm) to give him 4-directional control, forward, backward, left, and right, using just his arms . This system works by putting the output of the MyoWares against each other. Whichever has the highest output triggers the action.

Up to this point, all EMG projects have been limited to single-channel control per muscle group. Eventually, we want to be able to execute dozens of learned and natural functions on each arm. This is the first working example of this idea.


4x MyoWares, Metro Mini, RC Car Transmitter, RC Car

By: Niko Procopi, Researcher10/13/18

EMG Value Gradient Demo

A Neopixel strip is used to show visually the level of muscle activation as picked up by a single MyoWare. This is a great example and foundation for using gradients for different tasks.


MyoWare, Metro Mini, NeoPixels

By: Hillary Li, Researcher10/13/2018

4-Directional RC Car Controlled With EMG

Niko and Colin collaborate to control an RC car in 4 directions. Colin controls forward and backward while Niko steers.


4x MyoWares, Adafruit Feather, RC Car Transmitter, RC Car

By: Colin Fausnaught, Technical Project Lead, and Niko Procopi, Researcher

Conductive Fabric Test 1 (#1)

First test using custom conductive fabric electrodes was a success! The signals were weak but consistently present. Using an amplifier, such as the ADS1299 from TI, will boost the signal. These electrodes can then be woven into clothing which will make them reusable and serviceable by the end user.

Ganglion Board from OpenBCI, electrodes, OpenBCI GUI

By: Colin Fausnaught, Technical Project Lead10/9/2018

MyoWare Controlled RC Car

Demonstration of using a MyoWare to accurately control forward motion of an RC car.

Setup Video: https://youtu.be/RGLi3YioDCE


MyoWare, Adafruit Feather, electrodes

By: Niko Procopi, Researcher10/2/2018

Flappy Bird Code Refinement

Modified Flappy Bird code shows higher accuracy and speed.


MyoWare, Adafruit Feather

By: Hillary Li, Researcher10/5/2018

Color Switch Game Using EMG

Hillary Li's first project as a researcher in NTX! Gameplay and MyoWare demo in the popular game, Color Switch


MyoWare, Adafruit Feather

By: Hillary Li, Researcher10/5/2018

Chrome Dinosaur Game EMG Controller

Russell Cobb's first project in NTX! Gameplay and MyoWare demo in the 'no internet' Chrome easter egg game.

Code: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1dnDX9iX8lhmuZfYLBLlVx-DOwzC7wBre

MyoWare, Adafruit Feather

By: Russell Cobb, Researcher10/2/2018

EMG Control of a Virtual Car in a Racing Game

Researchers Niko Procopi and Russell Cobb collaborate to build a MyoWare setup that races a car. Russell controls the gas and Niko is steering.


3x MyoWares, Adafruit Feather, electrodes

By: Niko Procopi and Russell Cobb, Researchers9/26/2018

EMG Game Controller: Flappy Bird

Niko Procopi's first project at NTX, an EMG game controller to play the popular game Flappy Bird.


MyoWare, Adafruit Feather

By: Niko Procopi, Researcher9/23/2018

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