Weeks 11-12 (S2)


The semester is nearing the end so now we prepare for our last milestone, Imagine RIT. After this, all efforts will go into ensuring an efficient transition into the next Fall Semester. Our Controller, Game, Prosthetics, Fabrics, Wheelchair, Robotics, and Thought Keyboard teams all plan to present their prototypes at Imagine. This is also our teams first Imagine so we can expect it to be a learning experience for everyone involved.

During this period we had a large general meeting for our mid-semester review. We used this opportunity to revisit all of the original goals for the semester and discuss changes and revisions as we gear up for our big push in preparation for Imagine RIT.

Each Project Lead presented their research to the group and talked about the next steps.

Revised Plans by Imagine RIT


Showing off a working game engine for Windows and Nintendo Switch, early stage game prototype, and two working EMG game controllers for Mario.


Outfit the NXT arm with single channel EMG control with a stretch goal of having it EEG controlled


Moving cursor letter selection program that is cross platform that uses only EEG


4-directional wheelchair control using facial muscles


EMG demo boards - displaying custom designed boards that light up when it senses neural activity of the underlying muscle it is placed on. This will be used as an educational and promotional tool


Will display a static web page for the new website.

In addition to these presentations, our resident neuroscience student, Abby Shteckler, came up from Fordham to meet the team, answer questions, and give a presentation on basic neuroanatomy and EEG. You can find this presentation linked below if you're interested!

Team Lead, Forrest Shooster, gave NXT's first informational lecture live on YouTube! It focused on the basics of EEG, EOG, EMG, and Machine Learning in MATLAB. You can find the video archive link below, but we hope that you tune into our YouTube channel next Sunday at 12 for the next lecture in the series!

Finally, we wanted to take a moment to showcase the outstanding work that the Project Game and Project Controller teams have been doing. This week we published a promotional video highlighting this team's achievement's and the road ahead.


RIT Presentation

This Period's Accomplishments & Events

  • Abby Shtekler visited our last general meeting and gave a presentation.

  • Game team has begun porting to Xbox One with DirectX 12.

  • Game team also is working on a new level, optimized for binary space partitioning.

  • Antony Lin and Perry Deng Join the team.

  • The Prosthetics Team learned how to use machinery to scan and build customized prosthetics. They demonstrated this by fitting an amputee in the lab.

  • Prosthetics parts are all printed, they are ready to begin assembly

  • Fabric team is ready to begin sewing boards and electrodes into sleeve

  • Keyboard team is back! Forrest and Brenton had actually accomplished a whole lot so the team will remain. They plan to have a prototype ready by Imagine

  • Harrison was interviewed(again) for a School of Individualized Study-associated publication.

  • Our main booth for Imagine RIT got approved.

  • We plan to purchase some equipment to help us next semester. These include: 4K TV, Eye tracker, Robotics Projects