Weeks 1-2 (S3)

Welcome to start of NXT's second module, the Spring semester of 2019! We have been hard at working getting reading for another busy and successful period of work.

Welcome to Module 3 (Fall 2019) of the Neurotechnology Exploration Team!

Two weeks ago, Sunday September 1st, we officially kicked off our semester! We talked about the goals for the semester, roles and responsibilities, and welcomed many new members (official presentation attached below). We even welcomed three graduate students into our ranks! This is a first for our group and a really important step forward as we continue to increase the quality of our research efforts.

As a reminder, here is a quick overview of each team and their goals:

Textile Electrode Project:

  • Working to achieve a fully functional, cost effective, and reusable alternative to single use gel electrodes for human bio sensing.

Prosthetics Project

  • Developing cost effective, anatomically accurate, and highly functional neural-controlled prosthetic arms.

Thought Keyboard Project

  • Developing a text interface with a computer using only EEG (brain) signals for persons with limited ability to use a keyboard caused by physical limitations

Wheelchair Project

  • Building a universal solution that allows any electric wheelchair to be controlled with brain or muscle signals

Hardware Team

  • Designing and developing prototypes for EEG and EMG circuitry as well as helping other teams with the design and development of their prototype PCBs.

Content Team

  • Responsible for managing branding, outreach, publishing research, maintaining the website, and organizing events.

EEG/EMG Game and Controller Project

  • Developing a custom game designed to work with EEG and EMG signals in a physical therapy environment

Images from our first meeting

Leads meeting 1

New Leadership

In a continued effort to decentralize leadership, Project Leads have taken up more responsibilities including ordering, managing the lab, holding office hours, recruiting and managing communication channels.

Summer 2019

Over the Summer Kevin Booker, Asa Chambal-Jacobs, and Harrison Canning went through the RIT Saunders Student Accelerator program to test the commercial viability of some of NXT's devices. Through this processes they met with several individuals with neuromuscular disorders and neurotechnology professionals to refine our efforts going forward. If you're interested in seeing the pitch deck click here.

This period's Accomplishments and Events

  • We had our first group wide meeting and welcomed ten new NXT members!

  • All leads have held their first meetings, assigned roles, and set goals for the semester

  • NXT opened a prototyping space in the ATP Lab