Weeks 1-2 (S2)


Welcome to start of NXT's second module, the Spring semester of 2019! We have been hard at working getting reading for another busy and successful period of work. The work done during this period was primarily administrative, several important documents were produced, primarily the S1 review and S2 Proposal, however some teams have already begun to make considerable headway for their projects.

The first two weeks were slow to start but gave us a good foundation for the semester to come. The leadership structure has been fully implemented and is running smoothly. Each Project Lead has already met with all of their researchers, set ambitious goals for the semester, and had the first of their weekly meetings to assign deliverables and responsibilities. We also had a general team meeting (fueled by pizza) on the 27th where the team reconnected with each other and the project mission.

We have intentionally kept this update short so that you may have time to look through the included documents at the bottom of the page. You can read them in the website, but we recommend that you tap the button in the top right corner to expand its size.

Other News

This semester welcomed Asa Chambal-Jacobs to the team as our first COOP student! He has been overseeing the implementation of the leadership structure, managing financials and ordering, helping on important documents, and becoming the primary resource for all of the new Project Leads.

We also wanted to give special recognition to the EMG Game Controller team, lead by Niko Procopi, which despite only being here for two weeks, has already made considerable advances. They area already where they original predicted they would be in March with a fantastic Iteration 2 game controller. The new device has been tested playing Mario, Hot Wheels, and Super Smash Bros on almost a dozen users with well over 90% accuracy! This whole device has been condensed into an original NES controller as an enclosure. The next steps are to find more games, improve the wires, and allow games to be played without need for a personal desktop.

This Period's Accomplishments & Events

  • Asa Chambal-Jacobs starts COOP as General Manager

  • Semester Review document completed (Link) 1/14

  • Website reorganizing (team pages added) 1/16

  • Proposal for Module II completed (Link) 1/17

  • Statement of Work for General Manager 1/21

  • Leadership doc created for new Project Leads (Link) 1/21

  • Crowdfunding campaign closed (Link)

    • Raised about $1,600!

  • Team leads meeting (1/21)

  • Niko did a lot for the Game Controller (Link)

    • Vastly increased accuracy for the racing game

    • Fit circuit board back inside NES controller case

    • Identified areas for improvement regarding thicker wires with shielding

  • New interest from Applied Entrepreneurship for EMGo wheelchair (Link)

    • Potential to add new members from AE

  • Welcome meeting with pizza 1/27

NXT - S1 Review
NXT-Research - Proposal For Spring 2019