Weeks 1-2


By all accounts, the first two weeks started with a bang! I am happy to report that the project is already moving along much faster and more smoothly than I could have hoped.

Anika Aftab and Colin Fausnaught came in as early Project Leads. The three of us had several meetings to determine roles, refine project goals, discuss capabilities, share connections, and set up a management structure. These meetings yielded the implementation of several workflow programs to engage other researchers and implement structure. The three leads worked to engage the team through a series of progress and interactive posts.

The NeuroTech team continued to strengthen it's electrical engineering, biomedical, and design knowledge base with the addition of students Caleb Ng, Dakota Sabotka, Hillary Li, Jake Floss, and Spencer Logan. These new connections came out of the hard work of Project advisors and leads.

On Friday (9/7/2018) we had our first full team meeting in the SOIS commons. I lead an hour presentation and discussion with the team. The project goals and researcher objectives were discussed. Colin gave a real-time demo of the technology.

Over the weekend, Caleb, Colin, and I went to the 3D Print lab to print out two Ultracortex Mark IVs (medium and large).

Quick Summary

  • Slack (project managment tool) space created -- 14 members

  • Admin Team Drive created

    • Product list and pricing determined

    • Strucutred Developed

  • General Team Drive created

  • Proposal Planning and Discussions

  • Official space granted

  • Full slide deck for presentation created

  • Team meeting

  • Live EMG demo

  • 1 hour meeting with Caleb (talent acquisition)

  • 1 hour meeting with Spencer (talent aquisition)

  • 6 printed parts for headsets

  • Independent Study proposal

***All work documented in timesheet

Total Time in Period: 38.3