Active Researchers

This is a current list of all NXT members that hold the 'Researcher' Position or higher.

For more information current and former members, check out our "Team" page, linked above!


  • Andrew Doran - Signal Processing Engineer / Neuroscientist
  • Andrew Dettor - Data Scientist
  • Nathaniel Zhang - Neuroscientist


  • Andrew Chabot - Software Scientist / Firmware Scientist
  • Owen Brewer - Hardware Scientist
  • Open Position - Integration Scientist
  • Open Position - Mechanical Designer
  • Open Position - PCB Designer


  • Katie Mayer - Component developer
  • Daniel Schonfeld - Component developer
  • Holly Gubanc - Component developer
  • Jude Senuarine - Component developer
  • Derrick Kempster- Programming developer
  • Open Position - Component developer
  • Open Position - Component developer
  • Open Position - Component developer
  • Open Position - Programming developer



  • Riley Fitzpatrick - ML Developer
  • Jimmy He - ML Developer
  • Jisook Moon - UI Developer
  • Calvin Do - UI Developer


Many positions available


Harrison Canning - Executive Lead

Reid Kovacs- Executive Lead, Fabrics Team Project Lead

Brenton Cousins - Thought Keyboard Project Lead

Adam Del Rosso - Wheelchair Project Lead

George Stollsteimer - Prosthetics Project Lead

Brian Siskind - Prosthetics Project Lead

NXT Board

Dr. Dan Phillips - Director of Effective Access Technology, Primary Faculty Advisor

Mr. Gary Mendola - RIT Alum, Business Community Professional

Dr. Jim Hall - Dean of University Studies; Executive Director, School of Individualized Study

Dr. Zhi Zheng - Assistant Professor and Researcher

Mr.Nader Anvari - Market Development Executive, Business Community Professional

Mr. Forrest Shooster - Former NXT Project Lead; President / Founder, Argzero Technologies

Mr. Colin Fausnaught - Former Executive Lead, Co-Founder

Mr. Harrison Canning - Acting Executive Lead, Co-Founder

Mr. Reid Kovacs - Acting Executive Lead, Fabric Project Lead